Cone-Beam 3D imaging

CBCT comfort-plus-primary Cone Beam CT, or CT Scans, provide our specialists with high-definition 3D X-rays in a safe and comfortable environment. CBCT images are utilized by our specialists routinely for dental implant treatment planning. This information provides our specialists with the necessary information to safely plan guided implant surgery to ensure our patients have predictable results with dental implants.

Our specialists utilize advanced computer software to plan dental implant placement for our patients.  Predictable and safe guided implant surgery is key to beautiful and long-lasting dental implant restorations.  When our specialists work with other dental specialists, such as oral surgeons and periodontists, the software allows us to effectively communicate to ensure our patients receive the highest-quality of care possible.

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Guided Implant Planning

galileos-implantIn addition to applications that apply specifically to implants, our specialists also utilize the CBCT data to evaluate for other conditions that may affect oral health such as TMD or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  These screenings allow us work closely with your physician in an integrated healthcare system.

Airway Screening

Digital Dentistry sicat-airTo provide our patients with a pleasant experience many of our impressions are completed with a digital intraoral scanner.  This nearly eliminates the need for the messy, uncomfortable, traditional impression that many patients fear.  The intraoral scanner simply makes a quick video of your teeth providing extremely accurate data to fabricate high quality dental restorations.

Trios Scanner

TRIOS-POD-and-Computer-3.9.2016TRIOS 3 Wireless Scanner allows us to enhance your patient experience with reduced chair time. This wireless intraoral scanner is fast, accurate so we can offer same-day dentistry for creating crowns, inlays, bridges and veneers.